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  • DDR4 memory for
    Faster and smarter laptop computer
  • Features
  • Faster Processing Speed
  • No more slow laptops!
    KLEVV DDR4 SO-DIMM offers faster speed
    for high volume media playing and editing.
    With 2666, 3200Mhz of high frequency,
    KLEVV DDR4 SO-DIMM is designed
    to improve work productivity.
  • KLEVV DDR4 SO-DIMM using
    SK Hynix chips provides system
    stability and reliability.
    All modules passed rigorous test
    procedure to ensure highest quality.
  • Completed with the touch of delicate design.
    Matte black PCB offers a beauty of minimalism.
    Additional retail package makes product more stable.
  • KLEVV DDR4 SO-DIMM is compatible with all
    mainstream motherboards with latest AMD
    and Intel platforms.
    KLEVV DDR4 SO-DIMM is officially tested and
    approved on Intel XMP and AMD Ryzen.
  • Quick and easy Laptop Upgrading
  • By simply choosing a good ram memory,
    A laptop performance can be greatly enhanced.
    KLEVV DDR4 SO-DIMM enables quick
    and easy self laptop upgrade.
    Upgrading laptop has never been this easy.
    • Faster
    • Reliable
      SK Hynix chips
    • Quick and easy
    • Modern
      Black PCB
    • Motherboard
  • Faster
  • Reliable
    SK Hynix chips
  • Quick and easy
  • Modern
    Black PCB
  • Motherboard
  • KLEVV Memory modules comply with
    multiple international standards


Type 260 Pin DDR4 Small Outline DIMM
Speed 2666, 3200
Capacity 2666 / 4GB(4GBx1), 8GB(4GBx2, 8GBx1), 16GB(8GBx2,16GBx1), 32GB(16GBx2)
3200 / 8GB(8GBx1), 16GB(8GBx2, 16GBx1), 32GB(16GBx2, 32GBx1), 64GB(32GBx2)
CL Value 2666 / 19-19-19-43
3200 / 22-22-22-51
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty

Ordering Information

Speed Package Capacity Product Description EAN Code
2666 Bulk 4GB KD44GS480-26N1900 4895194965800
8GB KD48GS88026N1900 4895194965817
16GB KD4AGS88026N1900 4895194965824
KD4AGSA80-26N1900 4895194966340
Retail 4GB (4GBx1) KD44GS480-26N190A 4895194966128
8GB (8GBx1) KD48GS880-26N190A 4895194966135
16GB (16GBx1) KD4AGS880-26N190A 4895194966142
KD4AGSA80-26N190A 4895194966180
8GB (4GBx2) KD44GS480-26N190D 4895194966159
16GB (8GBx2) KD48GS880-26N190D 4895194966166
32GB (16GBx2) KD4AGS880-26N190D 4895194966173
KD4AGSA80-26N190D 4895194966197
3200 Bulk 8GB KD48GS880-32N2200 4895194966401
16GB KD4AGS880-32N2200 4895194966418
KD4AGSA80-32N2200 4895194966425
Retail 8GB(8GBx1) KD48GS880-32N220A 4895194966517
16GB(16GBx1) KD4AGS880-32N220A 4895194966524
KD4AGSA80-32N220A 4895194966531
16GB (8GBx2) KD48GS880-32N220D 4895194966593
32GB (16GBx2) KD4AGS880-32N220D 4895194966609
KD4AGSA80-32N220D 4895194966616
32GB (32GBx1) KD4BGSA80-32N220A 4895194966968
64GB (32GBx2) KD4BGSA80-32N220D 4895194966975
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