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  • SSD M.2 2280
  • Designed for Smarter Life
  • The KLEVV NEO N600 M.2 SSD is the optimal digital storage solution for a wide range of desktop, laptop, and tablet users.
    Experience the improved performance in high speed and stability with KLEVV’s lightweight NEO N600 M.2 SSD.
  • Using the M.2 Form Factor, KLEVV NEO N600 M.2 Type 2280 SSD is light and compact.
    Also, it supports the SATA 3.1 Revision while providing fast speed and various capacity options.
    (Width: 22mm / Length: 80mm / Weight: 8g)
  • Simplicity is the Key
  • Lighter than any HDD and SSD, the KLEVV NEO N600 M.2 SSD can be easily added or replaced.
    Upgrading your laptop and tablets has never been simpler.
  • SK Hynix
    Durability & Safety
    Advanced Flash
  • Best-in-class NAND memory
  • KLEVV guarantees only the highest quality memories using the latest technology that have all passed stringent tests.
  • Best-in-class
    SK hynix memory
  • High Performance
  • Weighing just 8g, the lightweight KLEVV NEO N600 M.2 SSD effortlessly upgrades various devices.
    Be ready for outstanding multitasking performance with KLEVV’s noise-free NEO N600 M.2 SSD.
  • Up to 560MB/s read speed
  • Expect the unexpected, sound durability and speed from a first-rate TLC memory used for the N600 M.2 SSD.
    Additionally, the KLEVV NEO N600 M.2 supports the SLC cache mode, preventing any stalls and stutters that would normally reduce access time while maximizing durability and lifespan. *SLC cache mode utilizes the SLC (single level cell) memory saving method.
  • SLC cache mode

Traditional HDD vs KLEVV NEO N600 M.2

  Traditional HDD KLEVV SSD
Access Time 18.9 ms 0.03 ms
OS Boot Time 38.8 seconds 24.1 seconds
IOPS 169 Read-90,000 ; Write-80,000
Weight 450g 8g
Power Consumption 3,800mW~6,400mW 720mW~3,500mW
Temperature Storage at -20°C ~ 85° Storage at -40°C ~ 85°
Shock 70G @ 2ms 1500G @ 0.5 ms
Noise 26db - Mechanical disk design,
can be noisy
0db to
inaudible sound
Copying a 2GB file 10 seconds 5 seconds
Editing & saving file through
professional design software
160 seconds 60 seconds
Loading gaming record to
play an online game
300 seconds 135 seconds
Ordinary Office file processing 20 seconds 10 seconds
*Performance may vary due to different hardware platform, software, usage and storage capacity.
  • Hardware LDPC ECC Engine
  • LDPC ECC(Low Density Parity Check ECC) allows for the automatic correction/protection of any read/write operation errors. With strengthened data integrity and protection, your files are in excellent hands.
  • Anti-Shock & Vibration
  • Already more shock-resistant than any HDD, the KLEVV NEO N600 M.2 is now even tougher than before. KLEVV builds and rigorously tests our products so they can resist vibrations and shocks. *Test environment
      - Vibration: Non-operating 20~2000Hz, 20G
      - Shock: Non-operating 1500G, duration 0.5, 3axis
  • Anti-shock &
  • Read-Only Mode
  • The lifespan of an SSD is relative to the number of write times and data volume. When the NEO N600 M.2 nears the end of its lifespan, it automatically converts to the read-only mode for data protection.
  • DATA
  • KLEVV Data Migration Software Center
  • Acronis True Image HD 2015
  • The KLEVV SSD NEO N600 M.2 offers an official software activation key for the Acronis True Image HD 2015, which provides full disk-image back up and universal restore. With the help of the Acronis True Image 2015, the KLEVV SSD NEO N600 M.2 allows users to copy the contents of an existing hard disk onto the new SSD drive quickly and easily.
  • Acronis True Image HD 2015 Acronis software’s manual

Advanced Flash Management

Presently, the number of restorations for a flash memory is limited and requires special management.
As the system alone cannot efficiently manage your SSD, the KLEVV NEO N600 M.2’s integrated management function plays an essential role.
  • Global Wear Leveling
  • Unlike dynamic wear leveling that works on data blocks that are being written to dynamically, the global wear leveling optimizes your SSD’s NAND memory and extends its lifespan for maximal efficiency.
  • Bad Block Management
  • Bad blocks, which are impossible to prevent, occur on SSDs just like HDDs. However, the latest technology applied to the KLEVV NEO N600 M.2 allows you to effectively manage bad blocks.
  • TRIM
  • Your SSD’s performance will deteriorate over time when it has been left unchecked. This is due to the SSD’s tendency to overwrite data in NAND flash memory cells that still contain information. The TRIM command alerts the OS about empty pages with invalid data then wipes them clean to ensure that your SSD’s performance is always in top condition.
  • S.M.A.R.T
  • By detecting and reporting on various reliability indicators such as the “Power Cycle Count”, “Uncorrectable Sector Count”, etc. S.M.A.R.T. technology monitors your SSD’s health in real time.
  • Over-Provisioning
  • By allocating more free space, your SSD thus achieves a lowered latency and boosted performance.


NEO N600 M.2 2280 SSD 120GB
Controller NAND From Factor Maximum Read/
Write speed(MB/s)
SMI SM2256 TLC M.2 2280 560/370
NEO N600 M.2 2280 SSD 240GB
Controller NAND From Factor Maximum Read/
Write speed(MB/s)
SMI SM2256 TLC M.2 2280 560/510

Ordering Information

Capacity Product Number EAN Code
120GB D120GAC-N600 4895194900566
240GB D240GAC-N600 4895194900573

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