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  • DDR4 OC/Gaming memory
  • “Moving to the Forefront”
  • The KLEVV CRAS II is designed so that extreme pro gamers can encounter
    the ultimate gaming experience with three sides of LED lighting.
  • CRAS II supports the latest Intel 200 series chipset
    as well as the AMD AM4 platforms. Be sure to experience the superb
    performance of CRAS II with Intel and AMD RYZEN.
  • KLEVV, as an official sponsor of the no.1 global League of
    Legend eSports team “SKT T1”, continues to contribute to
    eSports all over the world.
  • Minimalistic Design
  • The KLEVV CRAS II has a modern look embodying a minimalistic design.
    Always stand out from the crowd with CRAS II’s simple and classy design.
  • A Modern
    Classy Look
  • Prestigious Looking Materials
  • The heat conductivity and durability are maximized while the heat sink is made
    lighter with 99.5% pure aluminum. Additionally, KLEVV’s unique black
    and gold colors are heightened through utilizing the aluminum anodizing method.
    The CRAS II heat sink represents modern simplicity with its matte texture.
  • 99.5%
    Pure Aluminum
  • Intricate Triangular Pattern
  • CRAS II completes its unique look by applying triangular
    patterns with symmetry and repetition. The triangular patterns signify
    creativity, harmony, proportion, illumination, integration and culmination.
  • A New Signature
  • Outstanding Thermal Conductivity
  • While using 99.5% pure aluminum with a high heat conductivity,
    The CRAS II’s pattern and design maximize the surface area to
    break up the heat efficiently. This lowers the heat sink temperature
    to almost 25℃ while increasing both the durability and stability.
  • Memory
  • Stunning 3-side LED
  • With three sides of exquisite LEDs, the CRAS II’s new design looks flawless from any angle. Furthermore, the overall quality has been raised by using polycarbonate material which is harder and has greater elasticity than any other design.
  • Rigorous Quality and Reliability Test
  • Each product is tested with 3D inspection, and the quality is strictly managed through conducting test reports.

[Compatible with the latest mainboards]

  • Intel Latest
  • Intel XMP 2.0
    certified product


Format DDR4 Unbuffered DIMM
  • · 4GB (1x4GB)
  • · 8GB (1x8GB, 2x4GB)
  • · 16GB (1x16GB, 2x8GB)
  • · 32GB (2x16GB)
  • · 2400 15-15-15-35
  • · 2666 15-15-15-35
  • · 3000 15-16-16-36
  • · 2400 1.2V
  • · 2666 1.2V
  • · 3000 1.35V
Pin Out 288 Pin
Dimension 133.5 x 51 x 7mm
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty

Ordering Information

LED color Speed Capacity Product Number Part Number
Red 2400 1x4GB KM4Z4GX1N-2400-15-15-15-35-0 IM44GU48N24-FFFHAZ
2x4GB KM4Z4GX2N-2400-15-15-15-35-0
1x8GB KM4Z8GX1N-2400-15-15-15-35-0 IM48GU88N24-FFFHMZ
2x8GB KM4Z8GX2N-2400-15-15-15-35-0
1x16GB KM4Z16GX1N-2400-15-15-15-35-0 IM4AGU88N24-FFFHMZ
2x16GB KM4Z16GX2N-2400-15-15-15-35-0
2666 1x4GB KM4Z4GX1N-2666-15-15-15-35-0 IM44GU48N26-FFFHAZ
2x4GB KM4Z4GX2N-2666-15-15-15-35-0
1x8GB KM4Z8GX1N-2666-15-15-15-35-0 IM48GU88N26-FFFHMZ
2x8GB KM4Z8GX2N-2666-15-15-15-35-0
1x16GB KM4Z16GX1N-2666-15-15-15-35-0 IM4AGU88N26-FFFHMZ
2x16GB KM4Z16GX2N-2666-15-15-15-35-0
3000 1x4GB KM4Z4GX1A-3000-15-16-16-36-0 IM44GU48N30-FFFHAZ
2x4GB KM4Z4GX2A-3000-15-16-16-36-0
1x8GB KM4Z8GX1A-3000-15-16-16-36-0 IM48GU88N30-FFFHMZ
2x8GB KM4Z8GX2A-3000-15-16-16-36-0
1x16GB KM4Z16GX1A-3000-15-16-16-36-0 IM4AGU88N30-FFFHMZ
2x16GB KM4Z16GX2A-3000-15-16-16-36-0
LED color Speed Capacity Product Number Part Number
White 2400 1x4GB KM4Z4GX1N-2400-15-15-15-35-1 IM44GU48N24-FFFHAZ
2x4GB KM4Z4GX2N-2400-15-15-15-35-1
1x8GB KM4Z8GX1N-2400-15-15-15-35-1 IM48GU88N24-FFFHMZ
2x8GB KM4Z8GX2N-2400-15-15-15-35-1
1x16GB KM4Z16GX1N-2400-15-15-15-35-1 IM4AGU88N24-FFFHMZ
2x16GB KM4Z16GX2N-2400-15-15-15-35-1
2666 1x4GB KM4Z4GX1N-2666-15-15-15-35-1 IM44GU48N26-FFFHAZ
2x4GB KM4Z4GX2N-2666-15-15-15-35-1
1x8GB KM4Z8GX1N-2666-15-15-15-35-1 IM48GU88N26-FFFHMZ
2x8GB KM4Z8GX2N-2666-15-15-15-35-1
1x16GB KM4Z16GX1N-2666-15-15-15-35-1 IM4AGU88N26-FFFHMZ
2x16GB KM4Z16GX2N-2666-15-15-15-35-1
3000 1x4GB KM4Z4GX1A-3000-15-16-16-36-1 IM44GU48N30-FFFHAZ
2x4GB KM4Z4GX2A-3000-15-16-16-36-1
1x8GB KM4Z8GX1A-3000-15-16-16-36-1 IM48GU88N30-FFFHMZ
2x8GB KM4Z8GX2A-3000-15-16-16-36-1
1x16GB KM4Z16GX1A-3000-15-16-16-36-1 IM4AGU88N30-FFFHMZ
2x16GB KM4Z16GX2A-3000-15-16-16-36-1

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