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  • Next Generation with Us

Key Feature

  •   High Performance
    DDR5 SO-DIMM Memory

    Compliant with JEDEC standard boast

    extreme speed at 4800MT/s,

    50% faster than DDR4.

  •   Improved

    Maintain data integrity

    and long-term stability through

    on-die ECC technology.

  •   QVL Approved for
    Platform Compatibility

    QVL approved and compatible

    with mainstream


  •   Optimized and Improved
    Power Efficiency

    KLEVV DDR5 memory modules feature

    on-board PMIC for enhanced power

    supply stability and efficiency.

  •   Limited
    Lifetime Warranty

    Based on proud in brand and products,

    we are applying a warranty
    that consumers can trust
    with confidence.

DDR5 Overwhelming

Enhanced Bandwidth Efficiency

KLEVV DDR5 SO-DIMM memory module delivers starting
at 4800MT/s which leads to faster increase of fundamental
It shows 1.87 times better bandwidth efficiency
compared to DDR4 memory.
  • Lower Voltage, Highly
    Improved Performance

    Built-in PMIC
  • While achieving 20% lower power consumption
    compared to DDR4 memory,
    DDR5 memory can reduce
    dynamic voltage and increase power efficiency,

    enabling for better power distribution.
  • 1.1V
  • 20%

Improved Work Efficiency

Fast Data Transfer

With higher memory bandwidth and even faster speed,

DDR5 memory can shorten the response time of multi core
and optimize the system performance as a whole.

Through this, more efficient multitasking can be delivered.
  • Innovative Power

    Management Technology

    Built-in PMIC
  • The DDR5 has power management transferred

    from the motherboard to the memory and effective system

    power loads are managed through PMIC technology.
  • DDR5 Independent power management
    through on-DIMM PMIC
  • DDR4 Integrated power management
    through motherboard
  • Decreased

    Operating Voltage
  • The DDR5 can exhibit high performance

    even with a lower operating voltage of 1.1V.

Next Generation Performance

The data bus channel of existing DDR4 memory module is designed
to exchange
data in a 64-bit single channel, but DDR5 module
allows 32-bit data to be exchanged
with dual channels.
You can also use only one of the two memory channels
to increase
memory access efficiency as well as the transfer speed.
  • 64-Bits
    Single Channel
  • 32-Bits
    Dual Channel (Left Side A, B)


Fixing Issue from the Chip Itself

Improving Stability through

On-Die ECC

On-Die ECC (On-Die Error Correction Code)
inside the chip allows single-bit correction.

It improves application security
by enhancing overall data reliability.

Reliable Performance
with the
Latest Intel and
AMD platforms

Ensure compatibility and best performance
on the latest platforms from Intel and AMD.

KLEVV DDR5 SO-DIMM memory is compatible
with up to date hardware platforms,

including Intel 12th-gen Alder Lake and AMD Ryzen 6000 series.

QVL Approved

Wide and Reliable Compatibility

KLEVV DDR5 SO-DIMM standard memory has been tested

for complete compatibility with all major motherboards
in the market.

QVL approved and compatible with mainstream

Complied with Various
International Standards

More Reliable User Experience

KLEVV DDR5 SO-DIMM standard memory is produced
in compliance with strict safety regulations.

KLEVV followed various international safety standards
considering the environment, health, and safety of users.


Format DDR5 Small Outline DIMM
Capacity 16GB(16GBx1), 32GB(16GBx2)
Speed 4800MT/s 5600MT/s
Dimension (L) 69.60 x (W) 30.00 x (H) 3.70 mm
Warranty Limited Liftime Warranty
Timing 40-40-40-77 46-46-46-90
Voltage 1.1V
Operating Temperature 0℃ to 85 ℃

Product Information

Speed PKG Capacity Product Number EAN Code
4800 Bulk 16GB(16GBx1) KD5AGSA80-48G4000 4895194967132
Retail 16GB(16GBx1) KD5AGSA80-48G400A 4895194967101
32GB(16GBx2) KD5AGSA80-48G400D 4895194967125
5600 Bulk 16GB(16GBx1) KD5AGSA80-56G4600 48951949671217
Retail 16GB(16GBx1) KD5AGSA80-56G460A 4895194967194
32GB(16GBx2) KD5AGSA80-56G460D 4895194967200

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