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KLEVV official launch in European market

KLEVV DDR RAM “Gaming Modules” launched in Europe

Update 27th July, 2015

Essencore Limited, a noteworthy newcomer in DRAM modules and NAND Flash application products (including Gaming Memory Module, Solid State Drives, USB Flash Drives, & MicroSD ), is pleased to announce the sales kick-off in European countries with its brand “KLEVV”. 




In attempt to expand its global presence and to accelerate growth, Essencore hopes that this KLEVV product launching will help to efficiently deliver its premium products to its European customer.




As a young company founded in 2014 by CEO IU Kim, Essencore strives to become world’s leading vendor of both DRAM modules and NAND Flash application products. To achieve this goal, Essencore has introduced its house brand “KLEVV” with the industry’s first-rate quality and best performing In a conscious move to strengthen brand awareness and products at this early stage, KLEVV will focus on the three key consumer markets of U.S., Europe and China. Of all regions, Europe is deemed to have the highest potential, with its huge population of tech enthusiasts. Starting in Germany, UK, and Poland in summer 2015, KLEVV products will soon be available in all corners of Europe.




SS Roh, Vice President of Essencore and Director of KLEVV division comments: “It’s a great opportunity for us. We are extremely proud to be taking this step, which will no doubt be considered as a stepping stone for KLEVV success in Europe for years to come. Our intention for this year is to focus on the major markets in Europe and start developing channel and growing the number of distributors, retailers and e-tailers so that consumers can enjoy KLEVV products.”




IU Kim, President of Essencore comments: “Despite the fact that more than half of the memory chips in the world are manufactured by Korean companies, there’s been no Korean module maker that produces consumer-centric memory application products. By combining the technical know-how in memory, funding power of SK Group and family-like relation with SK Hynix, Essencore will no doubt become the world’s leading consumer company in a very short period of time” He concludes.




About Essencore Limited




Established in March 2014, Essncore Limited, a company founded by a group of key figures from the major Memory IDMs, is sought to become the world’s top vendor of DRAM Modules and NAND Flash application products. The company behind is SK Group, the third largest conglomerate in South Korea that owns SK Hynix (2nd largest memory supplier). With its premium brand “KLEVV,”




Essencore has introduced Gaming Memory Modules, Micro SDs, USB Flash Drives, and Solid State Drives. Committed to deliver the world-class products with first-rate quality, all products are manufactured in South Korea, a country known to own two of the largest Memory IDMs. KLEVV Memory has been internationally recognized by Germany’s Red Dot Award and its company has been spotlighted by mass media for its relation to SK Group and SK Hynix.


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