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The best esports advertising campaigns of 2020

Update 31st December, 2020

As we welcome 2021 with open arms and wave goodbye to 2020, it’s time to summarise something we actually enjoyed — the most creative advertising campaigns this year.


At Esports Insider, we’ve chosen to celebrate these activations by showcasing some of the most significant, captivating, and outstanding advertisements delivered, whether it be through long-running campaigns or one-off brand collaborations. 


If video killed the radio star, then esports could be the death of ‘boring looking’ gamers. In this spot for KLEVV’s gaming memory with customisable RGB lighting, T1 Entertainment & Sports exudes all the looks and charm of fellow South Korean group BTS while appealing to PC gamers who love to customise their rigs.


Each member of T1’s League of Legends team shares their KLEVV models of choice, making statements like, ‘I want to know your RGB code’. Will T1 posters soon be hung on bedroom walls and demand Beatlemania-style devotion from adoring fans? After this ad, they just might. 

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