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KLEVV launches brand in SK T-world

Update 3rd July, 2017


KLEVV entered SK T-world the official branch retail store of Korean No.1 telecommunication company SKT from this month.




SK T-world has around 3,000 offline stores in Korea.

Here, people can buy mobile/tablet, smart watch, portable Wi-Fi, and accessories like case, film, battery, cable, sound system and microSD card, USB products as well.

Now consumers can meet our KLEVV microSD card and USB products when they visit T-world store for getting mobile or RMA service for their mobile devices.


KLEVV microSD card NEO and USB 3.0 NEO Black Edition products are listed in nShop channel as well.



Owners of franchises, direct management stores also can choose KLEVV to display on their stores.


This will be our 4th time to launch brand in offline stores after Book store (Youngpoong, Kyobo, Bandi & Lunis), Stationary store (Alpha, Samhwa) and Convenience srote (7-eleven).





Some T-world stores provide consumers cafeteria and services as well, so anyone who want to look the newest IT devices and experience the latest technology with mobile, peripheral, accessories can visit the sites. 


This means KLEVV is proved in the market with high quality and solid reliability, since SK T-world only allows brands that fit into their highest standard.


ESSENCORE will broaden sales channel not only in online but in this kind of offline stores so that the brand awareness of KLEVV can be more spread to the consumers in Korea.


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