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KLEVV NEO N500 SSD speed and performance test video

Update 19th December, 2018

KLEVV NEO N500 SSD is designed for smarter life. Utilizing all the advantages of 3D NAND Flash technology, KLEVV’s brand new NEO N500 SSD will further bring your system performance to the next level.

Featuring best-in-class NAND memory, we guarantees only most extraordinary storage experience

with exceptional performance & unbreakable reliability. With 72-Layer 3D TLC NAND Flash, KLEVV NEO N500 ensures High processing speed and stability. KLEVV NEO N500 guarantees durability and enhanced performance through intelligent SLC Cache algorithm and LDPC ECC Engine which reduces the risk of data loss during high speed data transaction. KLEVV NEO N500 extended lifespan of SSD via global wear leveling. As you can find on the video, compared to traditional HDD, SSD(Solid State Drive) greatly improved data processing speed. The reading speed of KLEVV NEO N500 is up to 520MB/s which is approximately over three times faster than traditional HDDs. KLEVV NEO N500 SSD also offers an official software activation key of Acronis True Image HD, which provides full disk-image backup and universal restore, allowing users to transfer data from existing disk seamlessly.




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