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KLEVV attended G-Star 2018 in Korea with SKT T1

Update 16th November, 2018

G-Star 2018 was held at the Bexco exhibition center in Busan from 16th ~ 19th Nov. G-Star 2018 had nearly 3,000 booths where more than 650 game related companies from 30 countries participated. During this eye catching event, KLEVV participated at Twitch (a live streaming video platform for gamers) booth where the event was called “Join KLEVV in the SKT T1 Interview and signing event”.

During the event on the 17th, KLEVV products (CRAS X RGB, BOLT X, NEO N500) were displayed and a huge crowd of people were amazed by the design & quality. Also, KLEVV Promotional AD video went live on Twitch with two SKT T1 players (within a short time the streaming view reached over 200,500 hits).

It was a meaningful and fruitful moment to show the various KLEVV products and as well as the opportunity to communicate with the fans. *Twitch booth event “Join KLEVV in the SKT T1 Interview and signing event”




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