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KLEVV's New Product Launching Party <KLEVV Your Hands> in Korea

Update 20th July, 2018

This year, KLEVV has opened multiple sales marketing events and yesterday 19th July, KLEVV held the new product launching party in Korea. 

Almost 110~130 people from distributor, re-seller, vendor, sales channel and community, media were gathered to celebrate our new product launching in JW Marriot Hotel, and the event was continued from 11am til 4pm including luncheon.

Sales customers from Korea and Japan were showing their most interest in our new CRAS X RGB and BOLT X memory and CRAS X NVMe RGB SSD. 

In the morning time, Jeff Ji announced ESSENCORE's history and KLEVV's future strategy, and after the lunch, Gina presented the new product introduction to the audiences. 

Attendees also enjoyed bingo and quiz events after appreciating KLEVV Your Hands campaign videos. 

Lastly, MJ Cho awarded 6 dear customer's of KLEVV those who have been struggled with us in Korea.

You can find more detailed news and feeling of sites in below pictures and KLEVV facebook page as well. 

Looking forward to have a lot of valuable time with sales customers more often! 

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