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KLEVV official launch in India market

Tirupati Enterprises Brings KLEVV Brand To India

Update 28th May, 2016
Essencore Limited, a noteworthy newcomer in DRAM modules and NAND Flash application products (including Gaming Memory Modules, Solid State Drives, USB Flash Drives, & MicroSD Cards), is pleased to announce the launch of its premium brand KLEVV in India. Tirupati Enterprises is the official distribution partner for KLEVV in India and shall be promoting the brand in the online and offline space.
Essencore is the company behind the new brand KLEVV. The company currently specialises in a range of DDR4 and DDR3 memory modules, including DDR4 ‘ CRAS ‘which was awarded the 2015 Red Dot Design Award  and DDR3 ‘ GENUINE ‘, where quality and design are the main focus for the KLEVV brand. These models are unique as they feature LED lighting. There other models which will be available in India are ‘Urbane’, ‘Neo’, ‘Fit’and ‘Fit Faker Edition’.
“KLEVV, being a late comer in the memory industry, has gained significant presence within the gaming community for its uncompromised quality and performance.” says Yon Sung Hun, the Head of KLEVV Branding & Marketing. “With top-notch engineers from leading memory manufacturers, we provide the best user experience, which is exactly the core value of KLEVV.”
According to Niranjan Singh, National Sales Manager, Tirupati Enterprises “You will start to see KLEVV memory modules across India and online in the coming weeks. Our target customer is the enthusiast gamer who is looking for high performance memory with cutting-edge features.”
KLEVV memory modules are made from the highest quality chips, have top quality heat sink, and have LED lights which are a major attraction for the gamer. KLEVV was established by a group of figures from Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix. Its goal is to become a leader in semiconductor distribution and premium memory products.

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