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KLEVV announces production of new line up of gaming memory “FIT” with LoL player Faker

KLEVV FIT DDR3 gaming modules in a new era of PC gaming world

Update 24th August, 2015

Essencore Limited, a noteworthy newcomer in DRAM modules and NAND Flash application products, has announced its new line up of Gaming memory modules “FIT” with its brand name “KLEVV”. There’s two versions of the FIT original/ Faker edition and based on these, KLEVV finally became well equipped fully supporting the customer’s ‘perfect fit for the best performance’. 


Being reduced to its necessary element, KLEVV FIT DDR3 memory distinctly proves the motto ‘Perfect fit for the best performance’. By adopting select memory ICs and severe test procedures, the reliable performance brings you the essentials to conquer the world.


KLEVV FIT covers 8/16 GB of capacity and maximum 12secs of speed voltage for 2133 so that users can enjoy moderate range of performance with still reliable quality.


The new FIT memory package is much smaller and lighter than previous modules so that consumers can easily handle it. FIT chips fabricated using KLEVV’s previous lowest process technology. This results in a memory that is thin, more efficient in power consumption and lightning fast.


Premium oriented memory brand KLEVV with existing 4 line up of memory modules, may take this chance to broaden their horizons not only for product but also for targets especially by special “Faker edition FIT”.

Faker edition was designed inspired by Faker(SangHyeok Lee) the world class LoL player.


KLEVV made this special edition perfectly fit for Faker and his play and breathe a new life into not only the world of memory but the world of gamers who want to enjoy a full potential of gaming performance.

Within the package you can find the Fakers signature and gaming performance image.


Faker edition FIT will have 1st launching on 15th of Aug. and from then, will be sold only at until out of stock For promotion of Faker edition, Faker himself will be at PAX Prime ’15 in Seattle and meet his fans face to face with KLEVV.



KLEVV aim to further strengthen its product line-up and maintain its reliability in the competitive memory market. In the near future, KLEVV will continue to introduce more advanced memory products to expand its global presence and to accelerate growth.









KLEVV FIT Faker edeition

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