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KLEVV Fit Faker Edition 8GB Memory

更新 2015.10

KLEVV Fit Faker Edition 8GB Memory Review. Today we examine an impressive memory kit, inspired and designed by a LOL legend, FAKER. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you ought to know League Of Legends, is one the biggest games on planet earth. With a following that is growing daily, and prize pools associated with it, more than anyone could have anticipated. LoL and others like it have projected PC gaming (moba) into the forefront and pushed the sincerity/legitimacy of eSports to an all-time high.

The product comes from a fairly recently launched brand, KLEVV. Which is an in-house brand from Essencore Limited. The company aim is to become a mainstream player in the memory market. Read more about the company and their vision HERE

I stumbled across KLEVV back in 2014, via social media and was instantly attracted to their products, the visuals here are as enticing as all other KLEVV modules. Targeting a rapidly growing segment of the market, custom system builders,modders and enthusiasts. The collaboration of this actual product between KLEVV and Faker, was announced earlier in 2015, with the intention to produce a product that was a ‘Perfect fit for the best performance’. The modules are smaller and lighter than earlier model.

The Faker edition is based heavily on the KLEVV FIT range, which offers modules of 8/16GB between 1600/2133Mhz. This limited edition runs at 1600Mhz however.

[Features and specifications]

  • DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800), Timing 9-9-9-24, Cas Latency 9, Voltage 1.5V
  • Strict quality and reliability testing
  • Low-key yet highly powerful
  • Faker edition was inspired and designed by Faker (SangHyeok Lee) the world class LOL player. Within the package you can find the Faker’s signature and gaming performance image.
  • Minimalistic heat spreader with outstanding cooling efficiency


Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok aged 19 is the Mid Laner for SK Telecom T1. considered by many as the best mid laner in the world. Faker is renowned for his high level of gameplay and is considered by many to be the best League of Legends player of all time. He is consistently ranked number one by analysts and often referred to as the “God” of League of Legends.

SK Telecom T1 is a Korean a professional gaming team based in South Korea. Previously, the SK Telecom organization sponsored two sister teams, S and K.

It was originally founded as a StarCraft: Brood War team under the name Orion in 2002 by Lim Yo-Hwan (Boxer), regarded by many as the greatest eSports player of all time, and has included such stars as Kim Taek-Young (Bisu),Jung Myung-Hoon (Fantasy) and Choi Yun-Sung (ILoveOov – who is currently the coach of SKT1’sStarCraft II team). ItsLeague and StarCraft teams have made efforts to support each other publicly, as cameras caught Faker and the rest of the League team attending one of the StarCraft team’s Proleague matches against Jin Air

Watch Faker talk about EKKO below ( Be sure to enable subs!)

[First Look and Impressions]

The modules arrived in a card wrap, with a plastic viewing window. The design is ultra clean, with a real emphasis and the product tagline “perfect fit for the best performance. While it’s optimised and certified for Intel, it’s, of course, compatible with AMD too

Not a great deal on the other side, an image of Faker himself. A brief product run down, and access to the product in the form of a tear strip/out line.Klevv Faker X

The modules are stunning to look at, a black PCB is accented with a striking midnight blue heatsink on top. The brushed aluminum finish reacts to light, and at every angle it’s as good as the last. At either side of the heatsink small contours are engraved, alongside the KLEVV logo.

A white centre piece runs along either module, which pops really well against that beautiful blue. Fakers signature appears on either side of the module, the reverse detailing the memory speed, timings and voltage. These stickers can ruin overall aesthetics but Klevv have found a way to make it work. It’s not immediately apparent, especially without something side by side, for comparison. But the models are extremely thin and compact, ideal for compatibility. Despite this Klevv claims cooling is superior

All in all, beautiful modules!

[Observations and Compatibility]

Modules and coolers can cause a nightmare when assembling your custom build. Generally you need to avoid RAM with oversized heatsinks, if you want to use an aftermarket cpu cooler. You can research and often comprised on one or the other. Theirs no need here with the Faker kit, these are possibly the most compact modules I’ve ver seen.

[Test Setup & Methodology]

[Techicize Test Bench]



Intel Core i5 4670K Socket 1150
Cooling: Varies
  • Kingston HyperX Beast 2400Mhz 8GB
  • Mushkin Blackline 1600
  • Kingston Savage 1600
  • Kingston Fury 1866
  • Kingston 10th Anniversary 1866
  • Kingston HyperX Predator 2133
  • Kingston HyperX Beast 2133
  • Kingston HyperX Beast 2400
  • Kingston HyperX Predator 2400
Motherboard:MSI Z97 Gaming 7 Socket 1150
Video Card:NA
PSU:CoolerMaster M2 1500w
Hard Drives:Kingston HyperX 3k
OS:Windows 8 Pro 64-Bit

We would like to thank or sponsors for their support with our test system, Kingston,Dismatech,Cooler Master, Noctua and MSI


Overclocking is CPU dependant and this is often dubbed as the silicone lottery.This means you should keep in mind, each user experience will differ. What we present is the best we achieved with our setup. We only provide 100% stable and real results, we may mention potential overclocks, but only include data from stable runs. A system must be pass extreme torture testing from Gaming, Benchmarks and stress tools to be deemed stable. The same CPU is used in all reviews.

The kit is able of 1600Mhz with timings 9-9-9-24 and Voltage 1.5V.

We had a feeling the kit may be able to hit 2133Mhz, as it part of the original “Kit” series. which is available between 1600-2133Mhz. Our suspicions were correct, and set the frequency to 2133Mhz/ timings to 10,12,12, 28, and bumped the voltage to 1.6V.

[Max Overlock]


We pushed for more and settled for 2400Mhz . The differences in terms of performance gains will be shown below

[Aida Cache Test]

AIDA64 Extreme Edition is a streamlined Windows diagnostic and benchmarking software for home users. AIDA64 Extreme Edition provides a wide range of features to assist in overclocking, hardware error diagnosis, stress testing, and sensor monitoring. It has unique capabilities to assess the performance of the processor, system memory.


Stock XMP performance is fairly average, once we overclock it however, the gains are significant

-[Performance Test 8]

Passmark PerformanceTest is an award-winning PC hardware benchmark utility that allows everybody to quickly assess the performance of their computer and compare it to a number of standard ‘baseline’ computer systems. Find out if your PC is performing at its best, compare the performance of your machine to similar machines and make objective independent measurements on which to base your purchasing decision.


The overclock to 2400Mhz again shows impressive gains are to be had!

[Real World Testing]

Our in-house real world test, takes several common applications including Photoshop, winrar,X264 and runs a preset script, these are ran individually and then again, at all the same time to measure multitask performance.

We are looking for the lowest times possible here.


Stock XMP performance is lacking behind our 2400Mhz test bench results, naturally. Once we overclocked the KIT, the results were almost neck and neck

[Final Thoughts]

Its been an interesting experience working with this very product, collaboration products don’t come along too often. It’s key that they stand out, and this Kit does. Stamping Faker’s signature on the product wouldn’t have been good enough, the very fact he was involved in the design process is brilliant

The visuals are like every KLEVV product out there, sleek and refined to perfection. Theirs not much more much to say about them. I feel the, the images show, much more than words can say! Performance out of the box was, as you would expect is average, but the kit can be unleashed with ease up to 2400Mhz, which really nudge the kit forward. Our first experience with KLEVV and they’ve made a very postive impact on us!

The product is well worth considering but its a limited edition kit, so if you’re interested you be best quick. Amazon UK(£37) or Newegg in the US ($48)

Interested in winning this kit? Check out of giveaway below to enter!

Techicize- Klevv FIT Faker Edition 8GB (2 x 4GB) Giveaway (UK ONLY)

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