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KLEVV Your Hands
Campaign mission statement

  • KLEVV is a Memory brand, born out of the belief in “Creative Evolution”. In order to realize the “Creative Evolution”, we reinterpret the meaning of memory itself.
  • The “Memory” products we create exist with the purpose to safely save people’s precious moments for longer.
  • By storing moments such as the birth and growth of children, admission and graduation, weddings, travelling and adventures, experiences of failure and achievement, creations and challenges in memory, people will never forget their dreams in their daily lives without forgetting. To KLEVV, Memory means “Moments to Dream”.
  • As part of this mission, KLEVV has been sponsoring rookies’ dreams in a variety of cultures.
    Why dreams of rookies?
    At the end of the day, we are all rookies dreaming about something new in everyday life. Without doubt, KLEVV has the best understanding of the rookies’ minds as we are also a brand-new rookie to this industry.
  • Dreaming of the life of a musician by making my first music album.
    Discovering my dreams to be an actor in my childhood photos in a family album.
    Igniting a new dream to be a photographer just like my father who took the picture.
    A dream to become a superstar professional gamer like eSports SKT T1 Faker.
  • KLEVV memory is always with you at the precise moment you dream.
    KLEVV claps with you on your way to reaching the dream.
    KLEVV Your Hands.