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KLEVV Your Hands
Campaign mission statement

  • KLEVV is a Memory brand, born out of the belief in “Creative Evolution.” To fulfill “Creative Evolution,” we reinterpreted the meaning of memory itself.
  • The “Memory” products we create exist to secure people's precious moments longer.
  • By storing these moments, such as graduation, adventures, wedding, the birth and growth of children, experiences of failure and achievement, and moments of creations and challenges, people will be reminded of their dreams in daily lives.
  • Therefore, to KLEVV, Memory means “Moments to Dream” and we have been sponsoring rookies’
    achievements with great sense of responsibility.
    Why rookies in particular?
    At the end of the day, we are all rookies dreaming about something new in everyday life. Without a doubt, KLEVV can relate to the rookies’ minds, as a we are one in this industry.
  • Dreaming of a first music album as a musician.
    Discovering a long-lost dream of an actor in childhood photos.
    Starting a new life as a photographer.
    Wishing to be a professional gamer like the SKT1 Faker.
  • Whatever dreams you may have, KLEVV Memory is always with you.
    KLEVV Your Hands.
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