27th November , 2017
Essencore’s memory professional brand KLEVV, launched CRAS II RGB, the new DDR4 gaming/OC module.
KLEVV CRAS series revived as CRAS II RGB with stunning RGB lightings to go beyond consumers expectations. CRAS II RGB is designed for extreme PC users, gamers to support their supreme performance with high-speed and refined design. Sanding and etching treatment was processed to produce neat and matt texture for luxuriousness. Tight-fitting and stylish pattern on CRAS II’s heat spreader expands RGB effects on all..
30th October , 2017
KLEVV launches a new DDR4, BOLT
  KLEVV launches the new DDR4 memory BOLT, inherited the design source from KLEVV DDR4 CRAS II memory. It’s reasonable choice for high-end PC users who consider quality and performance the most. Slim design of KLEVV BOLT realizes the modern and simple texture with clean and matte surface. It’s black color with pointed gold line highlights the sophisticated design of BOLT. KLEVV BOLT DDR4 brings the best performance and ..
20th September, 2017
Which memory brand does SKT T1’s show host recommend?!
SKT T1, the world no.1 LoL players promoted the KLEVV products from USB to Gaming modules in advertising video.  On September 2017, SKT T1 players visited KLEVV show room in STLAB, and participated in the home shopping video for promoting KLEVV memory products. They see the products and using them directly and also did unboxing for KLEVV DRAM, SSD, mSD and USB products. In KLEVV official facebook page, you can find the 3 lang..
14th September, 2017
KLEVV launched social media channels in Japan
KLEVV launched social media channels for consumers in Japan. KLEVV memory products have been on sale from last year, but from this September 2017, we reinforced our marketing supports in Japan market as well as sales.     KLEVV SSD, microSD card and USB products are inhabitable in various on/offline channels in Japan including Amazon, Rakuten, NTT-X store etc. ..
14th September, 2017
KLEVV participated in the College Festival in Korea
KLEVV joined at college Festival of Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul campus, participating at 2017 Danawa Academy Festival on 14th of September In a beautiful fall weather, university students gathered in the lawn plaza in Sungkyunkwan university. Danawa, the no.1 IT/PC Hardware online channel in Korea, hosted KLEVV as sponsoring brand in this fall season campus festival.KLEVV showed our branded products in exclusive booth and held the stamp..
21st July, 2017
KLEVV Officially Launches in Taiwan Market
 Essencore Limited, a noteworthy newcomer in DRAM modules and NAND Flash application products (including Gaming Memory Modules, Solid State Drives, USB Flash Drives, & microSD Cards), today announces the launch of its signature house brand KLEVV in Taiwan market.  Afastor Corporation, a very well-known local distributor, will be the official distribution partner of KLEVV products for both online and offline channels.   ..
3rd July, 2017
KLEVV launches brand in SK T-world
 KLEVV entered SK T-world the official branch retail store of Korean No.1 telecommunication company SKT from this month.    SK T-world has around 3,000 offline stores in Korea.Here, people can buy mobile/tablet, smart watch, portable Wi-Fi, and accessories like case, film, battery, cable, sound system and microSD card, USB products as well.Now consumers can meet our KLEVV microSD card and USB products when they ..
5th Jun, 2017
KLEVV Launches the Latest USB 3.0 Flash Drives, NEO C30
Compelling read performance of up to 110MB/s 4 capacity options for diverse needs Essencore Limited, a global leading storage solution provider, today reveals its latest USB flash drive model, KLEVV NEO C30 USB 3.0 Flash Drive. It is the second USB flash drive product launched this year under the KLEVV house brand, showing that Essencore/KLEVV is aggressively expanding its NAND Flash product lineup to serve consumers around the world.  ..
15th May, 2017
KLEVV unveils NEO N600 M.2 SSD, as Its first M.2 Solid State Drive for consumer market
Compelling transmission speed of read performance up to 560MB/sBundled with complimentary data backup software Essencore Limited, a global leading storage solution provider, today unveils its first M.2 Solid State Drive product of KLEVV brand, the NEO N600 M.2 SSD. Inheriting all the advantages of previous SATA 6Gb/s SSD under the same series, NEO N600 M.2 SSD is further targeting at users/enthusiasts who are eager to bring their system perform..
1st April, 2017
KLEVV entered into a sponsorship contract with SKT T1 for 2017 marketing
SKT T1, the global number 1 LoL team will be a partner of KLEVV this year againKLEVV will provide the interview video and advertising posters with SKT T1 SKT T1 is the world’s best eSports team who won the world championship for 2 years in a row. And CNN, ESPN once announced ‘Faker’ the most famous player in SKT T1 as a “Michael Jordan in eSports world”.LoL (SKT T’1 game) is the most popular online game in the world and last year, mo..
23rd February, 2017
KLEVV launches a new DDR4, CRAS II
Enhanced design of CRAS II for PC enthusiasts after winning the Reddot Design Award of CRAS. Premium DDR4 memory fully compatible with Intel Z270 chip, 200 series and AMD RYZEN. KLEVV, a house brand of Essencore, announced the release of DDR4 CRAS II. This newly launched model will strengthen its DDR 4 line-up with their upcoming model ‘BOLT’. KLEVV brings the premium DDR4 memory for PC enthusiasts, CRAS II. It assures the over..
28th May, 2016
KLEVV official launch in India market
Tirupati Enterprises Brings KLEVV Brand To India Essencore Limited, a noteworthy newcomer in DRAM modules and NAND Flash application products (including Gaming Memory Modules, Solid State Drives, USB Flash Drives, & MicroSD Cards), is pleased to announce the launch of its premium brand KLEVV in India. Tirupati Enterprises is the official distribution partner for KLEVV in India and shall be promoting the brand in the online and offli..
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